Stages of creating DUone
The idea of creating DUone appeared in July 2017, and within a month the technical stuffing of the future device was ready.

With our own efforts, we developed a circuit and software that allows us to extend the functionality of a conventional flash-card to a multifunctional device.

All our research and development were carried out in our own Science and Technology Center, in which nowadays work our young engineers and technologists.

When the first phase of development was completed, we took up the manufacture of the circuit and the design.

Stylish and concise, it should change the concept of a new Flash-drive: minimum superfluous, maximum necessary.

Therefore, the device has an elegant black plastic case with a metal cover, which is very comfortable to hold in your hand.

In December, after successfully testing the first pilot version, we realized that our idea got the right sound.

Bringing all the technical details to perfection, in January we launched a crowfunding campaign on a "Boomstarter" platform.

Our future include launching an app in the App Store and Google Market and the release of a serial batch of flash drives, which will be held in July 2018 in the pre-sale.

After that, we plan to launch a marketing campaign to promote the product to the market and reach regular sales in the fourth quarter of 2018.

In the course of our project, we will continue to work on the functionality of the new device and offer interesting innovative solutions.

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: goo.gl/njDmmd or Indiegogo: indiegogo.com
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