DUone crowdfunding campaign has just started
We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the release of a revolutionary Flash-drive DUone, which will combine the functions of the most innovative electronic devices.

DUone provides:
- Safe information storage;
- Fast data exchange;
- Easy maintenance;
- Contactless payment;
- Replacement for your keys and electronic passes;
- Personal digital signature;
- Electronic medical card and many more.

Such a multifunctional Flash-drive will be useful for everyone who lives and works in a high-speed rhythm, using a variety of gadgets.

To make this real, we need to collect 5 500 000 rubles.

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: goo.gl/njDmmd Each of your contributions is a small step towards the evolution of a simple and familiar "Flash-drive".
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