One DUone instead of various electronic passes
Would you like to use only one thing instead of all bank cards and electronic passes? With DUone this is possible.

Thanks to NFC technology, DUone is not only a stylish and useful gadget, but also a universal "key", that allows you to enter the office building, use public transport, start your car or open the door to the apartment. And we won't lie, forgetting the keys, electronic pass or travel card is much easier than forgetting your favorite gadget.

And no more unnecessary search - the official DUone app will always tell you exactly where your device is.

The device memory can store up to 256Gb of data, including a digital ID card, which eliminates the cost of creating new passes.

The growth in the number of devices supporting NFC technology, as well as the incredible convenience and security of the contactless access system in the near future will allow to completely abandon the traditional identification system.

And with DUone you are one step closer to progress!

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: goo.gl/njDmmd or Indiegogo: indiegogo.com
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