DUone appeared in the new Basta's video
The newest development of the company Digital Integration Networks, multifunctional Flash-drive DUone, appeared in the latest Basta video for the song "My Broken Dreams."

The clip appeared on the official Youtube channel on February 14, and within a few days immediately gained more than 1,000,000 views.

Also, fans of the singer's creativity left many positive comments, and the number of views of the video is growing dynamically every day.

The new device appears in the clip in the second minute, where the main character played by Miss Russia-2015 Sofia Nikitchuk, receives an unusual gadget as a gift from her boyfriend. When a girl turns it on, the device is immediately synchronized with her smartphone, on which appears a lovely greeting video from her beloved one.

And this is just one of many DUone functions!

According to developers, Flash-drive is able to replace up to a dozen other devices and in the near future to become one of the most useful gadgets after a smartphone.

Many famous artists, such as Alexey Serebryakov, Ivan Urgant, Danila Antipin, Julia Aug and others took part in the video clip as well.

The new clip of Basta turned out very sincere, and the innovative gadget DUone is unusually harmonious and at the same time contrasting blended into the nostalgic atmosphere of the 90s.

Meanwhile, DUone campaign is running on the crowdfunding platforms Boomstarter and Indiegogo to raise funds for the production of DUone, which will appeal to everyone who is an active user of various gadgets and dreams of one universal device, which already has everything you need.

We invite everyone to support the project! On the Boomstarter platform: goo.gl/njDmmd On the Indiegogo platform: indiegogo.com Watch new Basta video clip here: youtube.com
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