DUone app overview
To work with a multifunctional flash-drive, JSC "Digital Integration Networks" company has developed a convenient and functional mobile application.

The app is free and designed for smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS, but the program also allows you to run it on Windows.

The program interface is intuitively simple and understandable, and the functionality provides ample opportunities for comfortable and convenient work with the flash-drive.

Having this app, DUone users will be able to safely store and access any personal data stored in the device, and also use the flash-drive as a bank card, virtual "key" or pass.

The application allows you to exchange any files (text documents, videos, photos) in unlimited quantities.

The transmission speed of information reaches up to 6 mb/s, and all data is transmitted strictly via a secure channel.

In addition, the application has a lot of useful additional options, such as the "for visually impaired" mode or the ability to locate the device at any time in case your flash-drive is lost behind a sofa or on a shelf.

The app can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Market, as well as on our official website.

You can support the project on the Boomstarter: goo.gl/njDmmd Or on the Indiegogo: indiegogo.com
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