First personal token

One simple device
for everyday needs
DUone is a simple, stylish and secure device that can replace a whole lot of gadgets. Your pockets won't be filled with different items and devices since DUone provides: contactless payments, authorization in governmental infosystems, fare payments in any type of transport, files and data storage and sharing, electronic keys - all with only one gadget!
Forget about
compatibility issues

DUONE works with any type of device and operational systems!
Forget about long and complicated user manuals

DUONE is easy to set up - it takes just a couple of minutes!
Forget about
tangled wire

DUONE doesn't
need them at all!
Forget waiting for connection and low signal

DUONE guarantees high-speed data transfer over a 50 meters distance!
You don't need to worry about securing access to the device! DUone can be used only by an authorized owner.
Contactless payments
Buy whatever and wherever you want
paying with DUone in one quick motion
Transport has never been more convenient! Use DUone to pay the fare and enjoy your trip
Digital key
One device instead of a bunch of keys. Fast, secure and simple: open any door and even start your car with DUone!

Contactless performance
Wire is obsolete! Charge your device,
connect with other gadgets, share data
with high speed Bluetooth 5.0 protocol
You will never lose your device. It doesn't matter whether you use desktop or mobile. An official DUone app will always tell you exactly where your token is

Data storage
Fit all your multimedia: choose 32, 64, 128 or 256GBb capacity and forget about inconvenient flash-drives and data storages
Electronic digital signature
Sign any document, authorize in governmental and financial institutions - be an integral part of the digital state
Apply for a PERSONAL LIFE TOKEN DUONE and use a chance to get one before an official sales launch. There is only1000 devices available with tailor made design and a ticket to the First Contactless City Quest with top entrepreneurs and popular blogers.
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Unlike other devices DUone doesn't require any readers and remote servers. It is personalized and secured from unauthorized access with biometric identity verification system.

Powerful battery and revoluionary low power consumtion guarantee long performance after charging.

Versatility of DUone provides wide range of applications that will only widen with years: functionality updates are software-based so you don't need to change your device to get new features. To say more, functionality updates schedule is based on consumer feedback that makes it a really flexible and custom device - a real platform to simply manage your everyday life.

We are proud to create DUone and for sure you will be using it proudly - we guarantee it!

Creating DUone we were striving for a harmony of form and content. And we managed: compact size, elegant curves and rounded corners, stylish design - you will be surprized how nice it is to hold the token in your hands
DUone crowdfunding campaign has just started
We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the release of a revolutionary Flash-drive DUone, which will combine the functions of the most innovative electronic devices.

DUone provides:
- Safe information storage;
- Fast data exchange;
- Easy maintenance;
- Contactless payment;
- Replacement for your keys and electronic passes;
- Personal digital signature;
- Electronic medical card and many more.

Such a multifunctional Flash-drive will be useful for everyone who lives and works in a high-speed rhythm, using a variety of gadgets.

To make this real, we need to collect 5 500 000 rubles.

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: Each of your contributions is a small step towards the evolution of a simple and familiar "Flash-drive".
Stages of creating DUone
The idea of creating DUone appeared in July 2017, and within a month the technical stuffing of the future device was ready.

With our own efforts, we developed a circuit and software that allows us to extend the functionality of a conventional flash-card to a multifunctional device.

All our research and development were carried out in our own Science and Technology Center, in which nowadays work our young engineers and technologists.

When the first phase of development was completed, we took up the manufacture of the circuit and the design.

Stylish and concise, it should change the concept of a new Flash-drive: minimum superfluous, maximum necessary.

Therefore, the device has an elegant black plastic case with a metal cover, which is very comfortable to hold in your hand.

In December, after successfully testing the first pilot version, we realized that our idea got the right sound.

Bringing all the technical details to perfection, in January we launched a crowfunding campaign on a "Boomstarter" platform.

Our future include launching an app in the App Store and Google Market and the release of a serial batch of flash drives, which will be held in July 2018 in the pre-sale.

After that, we plan to launch a marketing campaign to promote the product to the market and reach regular sales in the fourth quarter of 2018.

In the course of our project, we will continue to work on the functionality of the new device and offer interesting innovative solutions.

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: or Indiegogo:
Cash and debit cards? Just forget it!
It is much more convenient to pay for a purchase with one movement than to carry mountains of debit cards and credit cards with you, count money or check the change.

Innovative DUone combines the most favorably solutions in the field of modern technologies, including NFC technology, which allows the device to be used to pay for purchases.

All you need to do is bring the drive to the POS-terminal and for a couple of seconds the money will be transferred.

This way of conducting cash transactions is much faster and safer, moreover it eliminates the risk of theft or loss of data.

Now with the aim of DUone you will be able to pay everywhere where contactless payments are used: in a supermarkets, restaurants, public transport or fitness clubs, saving money every day.

You can support our project on the Boomstarter: or Indiegogo:
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